Board Member Responsibilities

Falmouth Service Center, Inc.

Board Member Responsibilities:

Adherence to these responsibilities is a requirement of continued membership on the board of the Falmouth Service Center.

Promotion of the Service Center Mission:

Each board member shall understand, support and promote the mission of the Falmouth Service Center, Inc.

Involvement with Falmouth Service Center Services:

A board member shall become familiar with the scope of services offered by the Falmouth Service Center by attending a Volunteer Training Session (if not previously completed) and by periodic reviews of the information presented on the Falmouth Service Center website.

He or she shall attend all board meetings and serve on at least one standing committee.

Each board member is encouraged to offer his or her time and expertise to Falmouth Service Center activities, and to offer financial support to the extent that they are able.

Attendance at Service Center Board and Committee Meetings:

Attendance at board and committee meetings is required. Absences shall not exceed one third of the scheduled board meetings in a calendar year.

Board Member Confidentiality:

Board members are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding all information discussed at board and committee meetings.

Board Member Collaboration:

A Board member must be able to work cooperatively with fellow board members and with diverse representatives of the community. While a board member often represents the “public” face of the Falmouth Service Center, they cannot offer opinions or make decisions that affect the Falmouth Service Center without the express direction or approval of the Board.