Client Corner

Has the Falmouth Service Center helped you or your family in some way? Would you be willing to share your story with us?  For example, how does getting food here help your family?  Have we helped you with fuel assistance or financial assistance and has this made a difference to your household?  

Barbara's Story

"I came in crying and asking for help so my son could be well nourished.  They treated my son and I as actual human beings. I asked them for a few extra items and I always follow the rules.  I don't plead with anyone unless it's really necessary.  This time, I did plead.  They helped me in a respectful manner.  Today, all I needed was eggs, and they told me to take a full batch of food.  I said thank you & started to cry.  I appreciate all that your service has done for me and my son.  Your center has always treated me and my son with respect. Thanks! 

Would you be willing to share your story with us for us to use in print materials or on our website?  We will change all names so stories will be anonymous. If so, contact Kerin Delaney, our Deputy Director at to share your story or click here to download the form and send it into Kerin directly at FSC