Our mission is to ease stress, reduce hunger and improve the quality of life for our neighbors in need. The Falmouth Service Center (FSC) works to increase self-sufficiency by helping to build networks among clients, neighbors and agencies.


Important Falmouth Service Center News

Emerald House 

Spring has finally arrived!  So that means we have an assortment of bright spring colors out on our racks at the Emerald House! We have many new items including shirts, pants, blouses and tops all in beautiful spring colors! Even if it doesn't feel like spring out, you can freshen up your wardrobe inexpensively and support the Falmouth Service Center at the same time! 

Emerald House is now accepting spring clothing only. If you wish to donate other items to our Thrift Shop, please check here for more information on what they can and cannot accept. Thank you!

FRESH Market 

Many have inquired about our FRESH Market Program, which is targeted for households affiliated with the Falmouth Public School district. If you are in need of food for your family, particularly fresh produce, we recommend that you stop by the Falmouth Service Center and register as a client.  You can pick up not only fresh produce, but also milk, eggs, cheese and plenty of the basics (cereal, pasta, peanut butter, etc.) for your family! 


Clothing & Household Donations

We are now taking spring clothing only. We are also able to accept small household goods like: dishes, glasses, silverware, quilts, etc. Before you stop by with donations, please click here for the full list of what we can and cannot accept. Thank you, as always, for thinking of us!

Falmouth Eats Together

Our next Falmouth Eats Together Community Meal is Thursday, April 6th at John Wesley United Methodist Church on Gifford Street in Falmouth.  For a full schedule of the meals, click here.  To see photos of past meals, check our Facebook page. As always, the meals are free and are held from 4 - 6 p.m. 

FSC is certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise 

             Points of Light Logo

Falmouth Service Center is certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise! A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills throughout their organization to successfully deliver on its social mission. Read more...    



We’re Here to Help

There are people in Falmouth who cannot always afford to buy food, or to heat their home during the winter. There are people who live for days or weeks at a time with no electricity because they've fallen behind on their bills.

  • The cafeteria worker at your child's school who is a single parent
  • The checkers and baggers at your local grocery and retail store
  • The teacher assistant in your child's day care center
  • Your neighbor down the street who has been laid off and is having trouble meeting his/her mortgage payment
  • The elderly woman/man on a fixed income who lives across the street
  • Your next door neighbor whose husband left her with three small children
  • The families who have chronically ill children, or are themselves struggling with incapacitating illness
  • The man or woman who drives your child's school bus

You or someone you love may have the need for assistance within the year. You can never know what will happen, but it's good to know we're here to help.


With over 400 volunteers, the campus is truly a place
where Falmouth residents can be of service, and in turn,
can come if they are in need of service.